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Our Team


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Erin and Jeremy both come from families of artists and creative people. Erin began creating things at an early age and could often be found rearranging her room, the living room, or other areas of her childhood homes - even when asked not to.

At East Carolina University, Erin earned an BFA with a major in Art Education and a concentration in Textile Design. Being immersed in the world of textiles reawakened her love of all things design and shortly thereafter, Erin dove head first into pursuing her true passion for designing welcoming, functional, and beautiful spaces.

Jeremy probably should have been an engineer, but instead decided (after sampling several majors) to pursue business, earning a BS from UNCW and later an MBA from Campbell University. In addition to taking orders from Erin, Jeremy is a management consultant and serves on the leadership team of Generation Church.

With Jeremy at her side as co-designer, drafter, carpenter, and bartender, Scotch&Honey Design Company took off! In the spring of 2017, they embarked on being a part of The Market in downtown Clayton to bring their design style to the folks of their town.  

Erin and Jeremy live in Clayton with their two kids and their dogs Sam and Moonpie. 

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